What does it mean to support a candidate?

There are lots of ways to support a candidate. It can be something very visible, like putting out a yard sign. It can be a large commitment, like canvassing the neighborhood every weekend for six weeks. It can mean putting up with paper cuts and envelope glue for a few hours one evening.

Sometimes we can only support a candidate in a small way; chipping in a few dollars to offset the cost of campaign materials, giving the candidate a few words of encouragement, or letting our neighbors know why we feel our candidate is worth voting for. Sometimes we feel so strongly about a candidate that we devote hours and hours of our time to work toward their victory. There are so many ways to help a campaign… but only one really matters.


Seems pretty simple, but it is the only thing that truly matters and it takes motivation and planning to make sure that it happens. How are you going to make sure that your candidate gets your vote? You can vote early, vote by mail if necessary, give someone a ride who needs to get to the rec center to vote. At the end of May 7, no matter who has raised the most money or put up the biggest signs, the only thing will matter is that the people who want to see her in office have come out to cast a vote.

So please, support me in whatever way you can, big or small. You can email emilystrabforhyattsville@gmail.com if you’d like to volunteer or put up one of my yard signs, donate by using PayPal, but no matter what…



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