About Emily

Since 2007, My husband, Ted, our three children, and I have called Hyattsville “home.” We have lived, played, worked, and gone to school in Hyattsville over the past twelve years and feel very fortunate to have discovered the loving, welcoming community that is Hyattsville. Part of what makes Hyattsville a great place to live is the energy, kindness, and generosity of its people. As a candidate for council, I am trying to do my part in continuing that legacy for the future of Hyattsville.

I have been a music teacher for over a decade, and can bring my knowledge and experience of education to the council. I have taught many of your children right here in Hyattsville and children from Prince George’s county. Teaching music hasn’t just introduced me to my neighbors or given me a glimpse in how the county school system works; it has required me to practice patience, empathy, and problem-solving: all skills that are needed to cooperate with the 10 other people on the dais and connect with the people of ward 2.

Skills I bring to council:

  • Background in education, supporting our city schools
  • Years studying Spanish as part of both of my degrees, reaching out to Spanish-speaking neighbors
  • Social media and marketing experience from my current role as an administrator
  • Experience researching how to connect with others culturally, being able to build community between people of different backgrounds
  • Leadership in community building through my work heading the neighborhood watch

Since moving to Hyattsville, I have served the community in a number of ways, including:

  • Started and administered a new babysitting co-op in the city
  • Launched an early childhood music program that I taught
  • Heading Hyattsville’s longest-running neighborhood watch as captain
  • Donated time to my children’s school to remodel classrooms and served as treasurer of the board that initiated a Montessori preschool program
  • Writing for and serving on the board of the Hyattsville Life & Times
  • Served as Vice-chair on Hyattsville’s Police and Public Safety Citizens’ Advisory Committee
  • Coached T-ball with my husband at Magruder Park
  • Communicated with city staff to replace the gate at King Park (tot lot)

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