Emily Strab for Ward 2!

I am very excited to once again announce my candidacy for Ward 2 of Hyattsville’s City Council! Since moving to Hyattsville in 2007, I have become more and more appreciative of just how special our community is. Because I have met so many wonderful people here, I feel lucky to call Hyattsville home for myself and my family. I am, on a daily basis, inspired by my friends and neighbors and the love, solidarity, and motivation that they demonstrate that makes this city such an amazing place to live. It is because of the endeavors of the people who live and work here that I have been moved to continue to do my part  making Hyattsville an exceptional place to live. I want to reach out to more neighbors than ever to bridge the diverse neighborhoods that make up Hyattsville. So, Hyattsvillians of Ward 2, please allow me to represent you! Vote for Emily Strab for City Council October 4th, 2022, by mail, or on voting day!

Please consider supporting me in my candidacy by donating to my campaign (Every little bit goes a long way to defraying some of the cost) or by donating your time to volunteer. To volunteer, please email emilystrabforhyattsville@gmail.com. To donate, please use the Paypal button below. 

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