Actions Speak Louder than Words

We need inclusion — not just someone pushing their own opinion.  People can see that is not how you roll.

– M on Madison after viewing Ward 2 Candidate Forum

Ask yourself who you want to represent you: Someone with years of action making Hyattsville a nicer, safer, more neighborly place to live or someone who has continually drawn division among Hyattsville’s residents? Do you want to elect someone who has promised to represent our diverse neighborhood by listening to others or someone who wants to promote their own agenda, thinking that their opinions are better than others’? Do you want someone whose end goal is to serve Hyattsville or someone whose goal is higher office?

I’m not running to further my own political career. My feet are firmly planted in Hyattsville. For years now I have been serving Hyattsville by bringing my neighbors together for block parties and neighborhood meetings, helping advise the council on the direction our police department should be headed. I have been connecting neighbors to city staff to help them out or organizing groups to help neighbors with yard work or clean-up. I have been developing relationships with city staff and council members to better help the residents of Hyattsville. I’ve been reporting on the important events that happen in Hyattsville.

As a council member my goal is to represent my neighbors and have their voices heard, not my own. Ask yourself, who is the candidate who does the most listening, not the most talking? As a Hyattsville resident, my goal is to have our council meetings be civil and respectful. Who is the candidate who has spoken most calmly and clearly about all of the issues that face Hyattsville, not just the one they are most interested in?

In the end, vote for the candidate who is going to represent YOU on council and not themselves.


7 thoughts on “Actions Speak Louder than Words

  1. Thanks, Emily. These are important distinctions, and I appreciate hearing you speak to them. I think it is vital that Council work well together and keep things moving forward – something at which I think you will excel.


    • Thanks, Victoria. I don’t think all candidates realize that much of their job is outreach and that is the most difficult and most important part of the job. Here’s to hoping we elect a council that can work together to see progress in Hyattsville!


  2. I would like to see more outreach from our candidates. I’ve lived in Ward 2 for 10 years and we never had a get together like they do in Ward 1 (monthly!) or other wards – even holiday parties in Ward 5. Will you commit to some regular forum for outreach?


  3. Hi Nancy,

    Ward 2 has two neighborhood meeting groups, but as councilmember I’d like to expand these groups or add more. Heading my neighborhood watch has taught me how valuable this interaction is. As vice chair of the police and public safety committee, we recommended to council that they take up the issue of these meetings, but ward 1 and ward 5 we’re the only ones to actively pursue this recommendation. I’m all for a ward-wide meeting. Neighbors getting together is the backbone of a strong community.


  4. where can I find information about these two neighborhood meeting groups, it’s not readily apparent from the city’s website and I really have not seen anything that I can recall on the hope listserv.


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