Why Run for City Council?

The longer I live in Hyattsville, the more amazed I become by all of the goodness surrounding me. I have never before experienced a community that is so thoroughly centered on creativity and giving. From supporting our local musicians and artists, to preparing meals for families with new babies, to providing for families displaced by tragedy, the people of Hyattsville never cease to provide for their neighbors.

I believe that in order for our city council to be truly representative of Hyattsville’s diversity, we need to support candidates from all walks of life; business owners, professionals, tradesmen, educators, domestic workers and more. Everyone deserves a voice, not just those that talk the loudest. As a musician, educator, and mother, one of my best skills is being a good listener. I plan to use that skill to get the issues most important to residents heard on council. I’m doing this for my neighbors. I’m also doing this for my family, because we have stake in Hyattsville and when my children are grown, I want them to know that they can impact the community, too. We are all Hyattsville.

Currently, we have only one female member on council. While the council has grown in diversity in many ways, the lack of current female representation is important to remedy. Please support me in bringing another female voice to the city council!

Hyattsville is a haven of businesses that give back to the community, to neighbors that give to one another, and public servants that take their commitment to service seriously. For me, serving on the city council is another way for me to give back to this community that has been so welcoming and so generous to me and my family. We are a strong community- we get a lot done- as the late Mayor Kevin Ward said in some of our conversations, we need to support and leverage those community groups; they are our strength. As a legislator, I intend to support and rely on those groups so that our city government stays in dialogue with the community it serves.

IMG_6074d my family.


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